Tabular Cosmological Calculator v7, Feb 2013 (Flat LCDM model, WMAP9+)

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Hubble time now, Ynow in Gy
1 to ~ Yinf
Hubble constant (km s-1 Mpc-1)
Hubble time at infinity, Yinf in Gy
Ynow to 999999
Lambda density parameter
Radiation and matter crossover, Seq
100 to 999999
Matter density parameter
Upper limit of Stretch range, Supper
0.01 to 20000
Redshift zupper
Lower limit of Stretch range, Slower
0.01 to Supper
Redshift zlower
Number of Steps, Sstep
-100 to 100
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S=z+1 a=1/S T (Gy) THub D (Gly) Dthen DHor Dpar
Time now (at S=1) or present age in billion years:
'T' in billion years (Gy) and 'D' in billion light years (Gly)
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For the model used, see this thread on Physicsforums. Parameter values from WMAP9 Table 2, combined data.

A more comprehensive, single-z calculator is available here: Cosmocalc_2010_13

Credits to Hellfire and Marcus for invaluable inputs and to Coburt for programming assistance.

Courtesy Relativity-4-Engineers