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Parameter Input Range Conversions
Hubble constant (km s-1 Mpc-1)
10 to 100
Present Hubble radius, RH (Gly)
Lambda density parameter, ΩL
>0 to 1.00
Future Hubble radius, R (Gly)
Radiation, matter equal, zeq
100 to 999999
Matter density parameter, Ωm
Total density parameter, Ω
to 1.5
Present Time (Gy)
Upper row reshift, zupper
> zlower to 20000
Lower row redshift, zlower
-0.99 to < zupper
Number of z-steps
-100 to 100
Output Scaling:
Display As:
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For a Tutorial and the Math used, see this Physics Forums Insights Tutorial and the same Tutorial, part III.

Credits to Mordred and Marcus for invaluable inputs and to Coburt for a major reprogramming excercise.

Courtesy Relativity-4-Engineers